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Withdrawn Status for Financial Aid Recipients

Students who officially withdraw from the College, or for whom a break in attendance of 14 days occurs in their course schedule during the academic year, will be considered withdrawn and the following will occur:

Recipients of Federal Grants:
All future aid will be canceled. Students who resume their coursework during the school year will be reprocessed for eligible aid.

*WestMed College’s winter break between December and January courses is excluded when determining withdrawn status.

Student Loan Recipients
Loan Disbursements
The College will return student loan funds to the borrower’s lender if the funds arrive after or during a break in which the student is considered withdrawn. The College will also cancel any future scheduled disbursements.

Request for Refund
The College will return funds held on account (the student’s credit balance) to the lender in accordance with Federal Regulation if a student:

  • Is considered withdrawn, and
  • Has not completed the number of clock hours as certified in the original loan period.

The College will report the student’s last date of attendance if the student is considered withdrawn. This notification will initiate student loan repayment. The grace period or the actual payments will begin on any outstanding student loan(s) from the student’s last date of attendance.

Federal Refund Policy
If a student is considered withdrawn from the College, federal regulations require a calculation be performed according to a specific formula that identifies the total scheduled financial assistance the student earned and is therefore entitled to receive. If a student is considered withdrawn from the College before completing 60 percent of a payment period, the student may have to repay unearned federal monies that were already disbursed at the beginning of the payment period.

The College will process a deferment for a period of one term (a six-month period); however, the deferment period ends if/while the student is withdrawn. Also, if a student changes their schedule and is considered withdrawn after a deferment is processed, the lender will be notified and repayment on the loan will be initiated.

Funding Requirements
Students receiving financial aid at the College will be awarded based on an academic year of 26 weeks of in-class instruction and a minimum of 900 clock hours of instruction. Student loan recipients (PLUS) may apply for an additional loan upon successful completion of all courses in the prior loan period. All grades must be posted from the student’s prior academic year. In addition, 26 weeks of in-class instruction must be completed.

Student Loan Deferment
Federal subsidized Stafford loan borrowers are eligible for a federal interest subsidy whereby the federal government, rather than the student, pays the interest on a student’s outstanding loan during the time the student is in school. During an authorized deferment of repayment, unsubsidized Stafford borrowers are eligible for the same deferment as subsidized Stafford borrowers. However, a deferment for an unsubsidized Stafford borrower only applies to the principal loan amount.

Deferments for Parent PLUS applicants vary. Please contact your lender for details.

Loan Deferment Procedures
Once a month, the College submits student enrollment data to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse, which reduces the number of deferment forms students need to complete. Students who receive a letter, statement, or a deferment form from a lender must complete and submit the form as instructed. To be eligible for loan deferment, students must be in attendance at least half-time and meet one of the following:

  1. Have completed at least the first class in their enrollment OR
  2. Be in attendance in the first class of their enrollment and the ninth day of the session must have passed.

*Deferment forms cannot be processed until students have started their program of study. The College cannot accommodate students who request deferment forms prior to beginning their program.

Deferment forms are only certified for the official class dates of enrollment regardless of the length of the class. The College provides lenders with data on student status but does not grant or deny deferment. The Clearinghouse only reports enrollment status to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) for Stafford/PLUS borrowers.

WestMed College is an affiliate of the National University System.