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Health Information Technology Certificate

***WestMed College is no longer enrolling into their current programs***

The transition to electronic health records is an opportunity and challenge to thousands of physicians, hospitals, and healthcare providers. Health information technology initiatives are currently high priorities nationwide, serving as tools to enhance healthcare delivery, reduce medical errors, improve care coordination and efficiency, engage patients in their own well-being, and benefit public health.

Become a critical consumer of health information technology and learn about system implementation, regulatory requirements, and best practices for healthcare records management by earning a Health Information Technology Certificate from WestMed College.

Through a combination of online and on-site instruction, the Health Information Technology Certificate provides students with an understanding of the role of various players in the modernization of healthcare record technology; recognize the role of computers, networks, and security in today's healthcare delivery system; and will be able to identify information and technology needs and possible solutions for varying healthcare settings.



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Online Education

This program is available online.