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Areas of Study

Job Classifications

 Medical Assisting Job Classifications:

  • Medical Assistant
  • Clinical Medical Assistant
  • Administrative Medical Assistant
  • Back and/or Front Office Manager
  • Specialized Medical Assistants


Paramedic Job Classifications:

  • Paramedic
  • Fire Fighter / Paramedic
  • Flight Medic
  • Ambulance Operator
  • Emergency Medical Services Specialist
  • Field Supervisor


Nurse Assistant Job Classifications:

  • Nurse Assistant
  • Home Health Assistant
  • Mental Health Aid/Tech
  • Patient Care Assistant
  • Patient Services Assistant


Vocational Nursing Job Classifications:

  • Vocational Nurse
  • Shift Supervisor – LVN
  • Clinical Care Specialist
  • Staff Nurse
  • Utilization Management Nurse
  • Resident Care Nurse
  • Staff Nurse II
  • Clinical Director
  • Staff Development Coordinator


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